2048 puzzle - most addictive game

2048 is the  perfectly addictive game. Using the arrow keys, you bang tiles of the same number together — 2 and 2 become 4, 4 and 4 become 8, then 32, 64, 128, and so on — with the goal of making 1 tile to 2048.

 2048 puzzle   most addictive  game

2048 puzzle

In the beginning, 2048 would seem to be a bit confusing and difficult to understand but as you play for a while, the game gets you addicted and refuses to let go. The beauty of the game is its flow. Play a good round and you’ll enter an almost captivating  state
The 2048 game is being hailed as the next “next  addictive thing” on the Internet after Candy Crush..

If you have not played it yet ,then Play the browser version
of the popular iOS and Android game here ——> http://bhadak.com/puzzle-2048/
and you  will end spending some sleepless nights for it  2048 puzzle   most addictive  game







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